Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Reza ( New Rabbit Breed from Indonesia )

Probably not many people know, if in Indonesia there is a new kind of rabbit breed. This rabbit has a soft rex rabbit fur and shiny like satin. Reza rabbit is the creation of Balitnak (Research Institute for Animal Husbandry) Bogor, Indonesia. Initiated by Dr. Ir Yono C. Raharjo, MSc, researcher at the institution. He has crossed satin-rex rabbits since 1998. Smooth and shiny fur is the legacy of the female (Satin). While the soft velvety fur is inherited from the male (Rex). Dr. Yono said Reza is a highly quality rabbit fur producer, so it is potentially for exports. "Perfect physical and skin quality, have a uniform coat length, and shiny coat color," said the alumnus of Animal Sciences at Oregon State University in the United States. 

Another specialty of this rabbit is, have a proportional body, the back rounded with strong hind legs and contained. In addition, Reza has a solid bone, broad head, and ears stand up straight. Until now, only a few breeders who own and develop the Reza rabbit in Indonesia. Besides the population is still limited, the price is also still relatively high. Probably only Malaysia that has a Reza rabbit except Indonesia, where rabbits are specially imported from Indonesia by some breeders in Malaysia.